Jan Bernhardtz – Sweden.1970.

festival de fotografieJan Bernhardtz revine în București, de data aceasta cu o expoziție de fotografie. Pe Jan l-ați putut cunoaște în premieră în România în cadrul evenimentului F64 Storytelling găzduit de F64 și moderat de Cristian Bassa. O experiență care a încântat publicul present în sală și a dus la prezența acestei expoziții în cadrul Bucharest Photo Week. Fotografiile pe film realizate de Jan prezintă într-o manieră documentară oameni din Suedia anilor 1970, în diverse ipostaze și locuri și concentrându-și atenția pe un cuplu cu pălării ciudate, de care fotograful s-a atașat și pe care I-a imortalizat cu mare bucurie.

Va invităm la o expoziție organizată în cadrul Bucharest Photo Week de OMNIA PHOTO cu fotografii tipărite de însuși Jan într-o modalitate proprie (acid-free art paper with carbon ink).
Eveniment găzduit de Education Point.
Adresa: Str. Mendeleev 7-15, sectorul 1, Bucuresti mob 0786487146
Vernisaj: 13 Septembrie 2017 ora 19:00

Jan Bernhardtz was born in Umeå, Sweden. He attended Christer Strömholm’s photographic school in Stockholm. Has been living in Örebro, Stockholm, Gothenburg (Sweden). Now living in Berlin (Germany) since 2011.

Walking the streets taking photographs. Traces of people. Traces of the city’s past. The city that has affected the whole world through two world wars. The bunkers. The abandoned airfields. Industries. Presenting pictures from Sweden. Streets in the small Swedish town Örebro. People visiting ‘Barnens Dag’, Children’s Day. All pictures are from around 1970. Photos of people. Photos of Kalle and Margareta.

Photos of people.
It was easy. Easier than today. Not everyone owned a camera. Some people were flattered (like people still are in some countries). You could even take pictures of children without parents yelling about sexual abuse. There was no internet. “So where will you publish the pictures? Will they be published at all? Magazines? Newspaper? Exhibition?”
“-Why did you take a photo of me? Do you work for a newspaper?
-You look nice.

I used sometimes a Canon Dial camera. It was pleasant to use in the street. It didn’t look like a camera. More like a telephone. And it did wind the next negative automatically. I used it to shoot some of the ‘Barnens Dag’ pictures.

Jan Bernhardtz - Sweden.1970 (4) Jan Bernhardtz - Sweden.1970 (2) Jan Bernhardtz - Sweden.1970 (3) bucharest photo week

Photos of Kalle and Margareta
It was in the year 1969 I met Kalle and Margareta at a ‘Hat Parade’ in their (and mine) home town Örebro. They were looking funny with the hats they were wearing. I asked them if it was okay to take some pictures of them. They agreed to it and I took some pictures of them and their hats.
They were both retired. Kalle had been working with tiled stoves. Building, repairing or tearing them down. I can’t remember what Margareta’s occupation had been. Office work I think.
-Where do you live?
They told me the street.
-Can I come and take some pictures in your home?
-Yes it’s okay.
A few days later I went to visit them. Their home was a mess. Almost everything they owned was packed into cartons and stacked all over the place.
-Why have you packed your things into cartons?
-We have been promised another apartment, so we have packed everything. Next time I visited K was not there.
-Where is Kalle?
-He’s talking to the landlord about our new apartment.
This happened several times when I saw them. But no new apartment seemed to be available.
About this time I moved from Örebro to Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. I didn’t see them again. A few years later a friend of mine told me they didn’t live any longer. But they had got the new apartment.



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